This is my friend Jo, she keeps me dreaming. Montebello, Autumn 2018
 As above so is bellow. Montebello, Quebec, Autumn 2018
 Jo in Montebello, Quebec, Autumn 2018
 OPhelia at Le Jardin, Montteal Quebec
 Neukölln, Berlin, Germany. January 2018.
 Misty winter morning in Berlin, January 2018.
 Left to right: director and choreographer Troels Primdahl, myself and composer and musician, Anthime Miller after dying a thousand times the night of my 34th winter. Neukölln, Berlin, Germany. February 2018.
 Mexican Murder Mystery Night with Troels Primdahl, Anthime Miller and Claudia Livia.
 Honorary Guest, Nahum Mantra artist from my homeland, musician and curator who collaborates as a Chair member of the Committee for the Cultural Utilization of Space (ITACCUS) and the International Astronautical Federation (IAF). Nahum is awesome! check out his social media  here.
 Reversed-pyramid-lamp-shade made with 250 acetate butterflies, a gift for Caro who hosted me in her home in Neukölln, Berlin, Germany. WInter 2017-2018
 German New Years Eve traditions. Berlin, Germany, New Years Eve 2017-2018.
 Left to right, Chloe, Nahum, Caro & Nico. Nahum is telling us about that time he got a crazy hair cut in Russia.
 Neukölln, Berlin, Germany. January 2018.
 Summer in Berlin with Krystel Marois (circa 2011)
 Montreal studio (circa 2011) Tigerless but Hopeful series
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