Altarpiece Variation No. 2 (LOVE LIVE) Montreal, Quebec
 Dana Dal Bo´s Chapter 2: Pool of Tears commissioned work for the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland. (2015) Montreal, Quebec. In collaboration with the Lenny Trusler Children's Foundation, The International Motion Festival of Cyprus and the Pharaohs Art Foundation.
 Ophelia, commissioned by Dana Dal Bo for her project "How to draw a girl drowning" Montreal, Quebec
goddess trapece.jpg
Sarah and Guilhem for Cirque du Soleil (2013)
Oda (2010) Montreal, Quebec
Perversion of the Mind (2011) Montreal, Quebec. From the Polymorphously Perverse Self Portrait Series
Perversion of the Body (2011)  Montreal, Quebec. From the Polymorphously Perverse Self Portrait series
Children of Lir (2010)
Red (2013) from the Dream Boyz series
Emmis (2009) Poppers series
Pierre La Pointe by David J. Romero
Dylan (2011) A Youth Enters onto a Carpet of Blossoming Flowers Through the Gateway of the Sea
Altarpiece Variation No.1 (2011) Montreal, Quebec
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